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Dongguan Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd.(Dongguan FH ) was established on January , 2016, with a registered capital of approximately RMB 5.3 billion. It is a wholly state-owned limited liability company that Dongguan City SASAC fulfills its investor's responsibilities. And it is the platform for the municipal government to integrate municipal financial equity and aims to develop a financial holding group with comprehensive competitive advantages, comprehensive services, and comprehensive operating capabilities.

Based in Dongguan City, Dongguan FH closely focuses on the overall goals of the city’s economic and social development with the guidance of Dongguan municipal government. The company has set the main development idea as “Finance + Industry” to promote the integration and coordinated development of local financial resources, improve the local financial industry chain, serve the real economy and industrial transformation and upgrade. It provides full chain and comprehensive financial services for the municipal government infrastructure construction, urban renewal and transformation, industry park construction and other major projects. The company has been committed to creating three platforms of ‘Financial Innovation and Collaboration Platform’’ Financial Industry Integration Platform’ and ‘ Financial Capital Operation Platform’.   

Subordinate companies include 22 banks including Dongguan Bank, Dongguan Trust, Dongguan Securities, Hualian Futures, Guanxin Fund and Asset Management. The subsidiaries cover banking, trust, futures, securities, asset management, industrial investment, equity investment funds, etc. It is a local financial control group with a relatively complete range of corporate financial institutions.